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Facing Writing Fears Head-On

Updated: May 23, 2022

Let me start by stating that fear is nothing to be ashamed of. Say it out loud with me: Fear is nothing to be ashamed of. Every writer, more times than they’d like to admit, learns to overcome their writing fears. It’s natural. It’s inevitable. And it’s to be expected.

But the one thing you can’t do is let fear rule you. Why? Because the world would never see your art, and the world deserves to receive your art. YOU deserve it to be seen. Not everyone is going to love it. And that’s okay! Art is subjective. Even the brilliant J.K. Rowling and Tomi Adeyemi have their long list of critics. Does that stop them from sharing their craft with the world? Nope. And neither should you.

Personally, my gut rolls every time I’m about to release a piece of writing. Every. Single. Time. It’s a roller coaster ride uphill, downhill, sideways, and upside down. I experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows. But guess what? I put myself out there because if I don’t what do I have to gain? The answer is simple—nothing!

Kick your writing fears to the curb! If you wait until every word is perfect (remember nothing’s perfect), or for the perfect timing, you’ll wait a lifetime. And that’s a terrible waste. As long as you do your absolute best and seek the proper guidance from your trusted tribe, it’s time to set your darling free. Trust in yourself that you built it right.

Now buckle up, put your game face on, and crush that fear head-on.


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