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Adriance Chronicles Copper Sun YA fantasy book author Wendi Fournier trilogy supernatural novel

The State of Michigan no longer exists. It’s now a place where immortals live under constant surveillance. Witchcraft is forbidden. Hybrids are believed not to exist. And the government will stop at nothing to keep its sinister secrets a myth. Welcome to the land of Adriance, a dysfunctional society where corruption runs deep and copper is more essential than water.


Growing up, seventeen-year-old Loshorith Fontaine has always known his place in the world. But when his life suddenly takes a traumatic turn, he realizes the strength to fight a system whose only intentions are to see him destroyed.


To top off his complicated young life, Loshorith falls in love with his best friend Alainah—a mortal girl whom he is forbidden to love—only to discover she carries a deep secret ultimately making her the government’s most sought-after possession.


COPPER SUN is a mesmerizing romantic epic thriller that lures you in with its unforeseen twists filled with forbidden passion, harsh betrayals, and earthly magic.


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1 World Apocalypse Presents: AWAKEN ANNIHILATION

James Lee

July 19, 1974, was marked by a ripple in time that changed the course of world history – forever. When the United States government discovered an unknown mineral within the depths of Area 51, what would come was more than mankind could fathom. Shrouded in secrecy, Mineral X promised to create endless amounts of untapped energy. But when the government attempted to move the ore to the east coast via railway, a domestic terrorist group named The Weather Underground had other plans. The result was a kinetic reaction within Mineral X  that released a wave of energy felt on a planetary scale. Earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, and extreme weather erupted across the globe. Billions of lives were lost in the wake of the destruction as the world’s geography underwent profound change.


The year is now 2020, and Mineral X powers the nations of the world. Superhumans and mutants walk among us, and new governments replace the old. But what's to come makes the last four decades look like child's play. A a greater threat looms on the horizon, will humankind have what it takes to survive the coming apocalypse, or is this truly the end of our world?

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