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Author Wendi Fournier in black leather jacket with long hair during author photo shoot in woods for YA novel The Adriance Chronicles Copper Sun
Photo Credit: Mary Jo Tanner
Wendi Fournier Developmental Editor and Author of YA novel The Adriance Chronicles Copper Sun with crow wings and tribal feathers

At long last, you've done it. You've slugged your way through some 300 pages of blood, sweat, and tears and finished your novel. First off, congratulations! You are now part of the Five-Percenters Club of writers who finish their stories. That's no easy task, and you deserve a major pat on the back.

But, now what? Unless you got it picture-perfect the first time (not even a feat your most favorite author has yet to pull off), you are likely in need of a good dose of developmental editing. I'm Wendi Fournier, a published author and developmental editor working with traditional and self-published authors to help writers navigate the sophisticated space between first draft and published book.


Working with a developmental editor is a crucial step in the writing process and is what makes a good story great. As your book editor, I'll assist you every step of the way to help you hone your craft. I'll evaluate your manuscript with a careful eye, closely looking at every detail from plot to character development, pacing, structure, and dialogue. I'll become your writing partner, cheerleader, and your biggest fan when your brilliant piece of literature rocks the publishing landscape!


Let's #CREATEYOUREPIC and take the next steps together to make your story everything you imagined it to be.

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