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Eco-Friendly Products for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Go green. Planet-friendly. Organically produced. Chemical-free. Sustainable lifestyle. Eco-friendly. We’ve hopefully heard and have welcomed these terms into our modern-day language with open arms.

Earth is what we all have in common. Spending time in nature and embracing the beauty of our precious planet is one of the best ways we learn how to appreciate. Love her. Nourish her. Respect her. Not just today—but every day.

Most of us are learning the importance of minimizing our contribution to climate change, limiting toxic chemicals in our homes and bodies, and combating plastic pollution with less waste. It can be overwhelming finding companies that operate in a conscious way that help accomplish our eco-friendly goals. Time, research, and patience stretch as we make sure to place our hard-earned dollars with the best brands. But it is worth it!

As we celebrate Earth Day, here are a few of my favorite products I've tried and tested that can make a difference in the quest for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle while supporting brands committed to making the world a better place.

Under the Canopy sheets are 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified, and OEKO-TEX® Made in Green certified to have been tested for harmful substances, made in environmentally friendly facilities, and produced in safe and socially responsible workplaces.

Blueland creates everyday eco-friendly cleaning products to save you money and space, without any plastic waste. They are B Corp Certified, EWG Verified, and Climate Neutral Certified to name a few. Buy the bottle once. Refill forever. Sustainability at its best!

Sea Witch Botanicals (featured here with Ezeso bamboo brushes) is committed to being a role model in the shift toward sustainability and ethical business, and transparently dedicated to environmental justice. All products are crafted with only plant-based ingredients and packaged for optimum waste-reduction. They are a certified B Corporation, certified Vegan by, and 1% for the Planet member. Their facility is Towards Zero Waste and they purchase sustainable energy credits to run their facility. Get everything from soaps to salves to incense and more!

Every positive step we take—large or small— supports healthy communities, clean air, natural resources, innovation, and a non-toxic environment. Hop on board the sustainability train. You’ll be thankful you did!

Do you have some favorite eco-friendly products that support a sustainable lifestyle you'd like to share? Post them in the comments below so we can help spread the love.

Happy Earth Day, friends. Make it epic!

*Please note, I am not an affiliate, nor do I receive any kickback for bringing these products to light. The intention of this post is to pass along products I’ve uncovered in hopes of gifting joy, comfort, and clean health to you and your family.


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