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Four Easy Steps to Write a Powerful Book Review

Second to buying their book, writing a review is one of the best ways we can support our beloved authors. Not only does a review celebrate an author’s work, but it helps give books greater visibility for readers to decide which books are of interest to them, ultimately opening doors to larger audiences for authors. A win-win situation, right?

Let’s get down to business. Here are four easy steps to writing powerful book reviews that are quick and painless!

1. Hook. Lead with a compelling hook that grabs a reader’s attention and entices them to care. For instance, asking a question like “What if you had to leave Earth to live on the rings of Saturn?” is a great attention grabber to reel in readers.

2. Stats. Give the author’s background, publication date, and a short summary (no spoilers) of the title.

3. Opinion. Explain what you loved, liked, and disliked. What sets this book apart from other titles? Is it worth the read? What familiar authors or books compare?

4. Rating. Give the book an honest rating from one to five stars, with one being not your fancy to five being totally obsessed and can’t live without. Don’t forget to explain the reasons for your rating.

Writing book reviews isn’t as hard as it sounds. Now that you understand what people look for in a review, helping your favorite authors is as easy as flipping a page!

Xo Wendi


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