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How to Beat the Writer's Blues

Updated: May 23, 2022

Writer’s block. Without a doubt, the two worst words for every writer. Like many fellow writers out there, I get bumped with a good dose of writers block now and then. Unfortunately, there is no magical switch (at least not one I’ve discovered) that instantly beats writer's blues and turns on an author’s muse.

Do not wave the red flag just yet. I have a few writing tips in the tool chest to kick writer’s block to the curb, and turn you from a daydreaming dimwit into a wheeling wordsmith!

Create a writing routine. Establishing a writing routine, and sticking with it, is one of the best ways to help keep you on track. Many writers often set aside time first thing in the morning when the house is quiet, and their mind is fresh to let their creative juices flow. Others find it more productive to mingle with the late-night owls. Find what works best for you, and commit.

Stay physically active. Run, walk, swim, cycle, or hike. Discover which activity is your jam, and get moving! While outdoor exercise offers many health benefits, any form of exercise will boost energy levels and calm the nerves. Following a consistent exercise routine can help keep the creative juices flowing.

Surround yourself with books. Ah, every author’s dream! Visit a library or bookstore, and stroll the isles. Browsing through other people’s work is a great way to spark new ideas. Keep a smartphone, tablet, or pen and paper with you for those ever-important notes!

Watch movies. Watching a movie or two on the TV set can jump start your writing momentum. Motion pictures offer visual, aural, and emotional connections to trigger ideas that can fuel your prose. Watch with intent and take notes. Storytellers learn from stories, and a good movie provides the perfect symphony.

Unplug. Log off the computer. Switch off your smartphone. For a bit, go off the grid—completely. Go outside for a walk and open your eyes, ears, nose, mind, and heart to your surroundings. Soak in the sounds around you like kids playing basketball, cars zipping by, or birds belting their powerful melodies. Suck in the scents of a neighborhood bar-b-q, a field of wildflowers, or a freshly cut lawn. Ignite the senses.

Ready to jumpstart that engine? Now buckle up, and let’s see what you’re made of!


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